Discover how changing learning and behavioral problems, such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, becomes possible when using the latest insights from brain research in your home or clinic.

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Download gratis: "5 factoren die bepalen of je kinds leer- of gedragsproblemen kunnen veranderen"

Ontdek welke 5 factoren bepalend zijn of je kinds ADHD, Autisme of Dyslexie kan veranderen.

Meet Arjan

"LEARN, GROW and CONTRIBUTE" - Helping professionals and parents to implement the best training and treatment programs for optimal neurological development in children with learning and behavioral disorders

Arjan has trained as chiropractor and specialized in the clinical application of neuroscience and has been a practicing clinician and consultant for over 25 years.

Arjan is the founder of Chiropractie Kuipers, Neuro Centrum Kuipers and My Neuro Fitness training which provide in-the-know treatment and rehabilitation strategies for adults and children with neurological and related musculoskeletal conditions.

He has developed a special interest and expertise in vestibular, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and neuro-developmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism spectrum and learning disorders

Arjan is known for his astute and insightful way of solving problems and the way he presents the right solutions to upgrade life quality.

His clinical “My Neuro Fitness Training” program has been used to provide better solutions for hundreds of adults with neurological conditions and children with a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism spectrum and/or learning disorder.

Arjan has lectured throughout Europe and has shared the stage and his thoughts with many thought leaders in neuro-developmental and brain science.

His publications include the Help! My Child has ADHD/Autism book, “20 Top Questions Every Parent Should Ask About ADHD/Autism” and the "Single Most Overlooked Problem in Back Patients".

Originally from the old town of Elburg in the Netherlands, Arjan now lives in Apeldoorn(Netherlands) and Trondheim (Norway). He loves the outdoors, hiking, and is a passionate fly fisher.

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Programs with Arjan

Clinical management of neurodevelopmental disorders for chiropractors and physiotherapists. 

Learn how to improve the quality of life of children with learning and behavioral diorders in your daily practice making use of the latest insights from neuroscience.


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MY NEUROFITNESS Training program for parents

The individualized home training program for children with learning and behavioral disorders. Complete this and you will have created some extraordinary habits plus the best physical foundation for a lifelong better learning, emotional control and physical development

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Help! My Child Has ADHD/Autism

Are you a parent or caretaker of a child with ADHD or autism? Do you ever wonder what you can do to make your child happier while continuing a normal, fulfilling life? Do you want to know how you can help your autistic child succeed in school?

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Twenty questions that can change the life quality of your child

Many of you, parents with children that have an ADHD/ autism diagnosis, have deep-rooted questions that remain unanswered,
or at least unsatisfactorily answered. Questions such as, “Will my child ever be happy, will my child be able to succeed
at school?”; 



Discover The Two Biggest, Yet Little-Known Causes Of Back Problems Plaguing Your Patients, How To Spot Them AND Fix Them Before It’s Too Late

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