Is Your Child with ADHD or Autism a Headbanger?

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2018

Long-term consequences of head injuries may be different in your child with an autistic spectrum disorder.

 In this article, I will show you why you should be extra cautious of head injuries in your child with ADHD and or autism spectrum disorder.

Injury to the head can further compromise a health situation that is already fragile. According to a recent study, 5 percent of school going children in the US reported having had a traumatic brain injury. Significant in this case means that they were unconscious for at least some time after the head injury.

 To be honest with you, these numbers shocked me for several reasons.

 I know that a significant portion of the children and adults that I see in my clinic have had some form of trauma and that the ones that suffered a head injury are much more likely to have long-term consequences. Consequences that we as parents and physicians are often not aware of.  More on that later.

 Secondly, I know from first-hand...

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Is the rise in the number of children with ADHD and or autism spectrum disorders the result of a psychiatric misconception?

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2014


 Why the new statistical psychiatric manual (DSM V) misses the point in its introduction.

 In case you had not noticed, we humans like to categorize everything. This process in itself is a perfect example of higher human function and has brought humankind much progress.

On the other side, trying to put everything into a system has its dangers as well. Especially when the ones doing so do not (yet) have a complete overview or better said, miss the big picture.

 My intent with this article is to make you aware of the approach that has been used up to date when diagnosing disorders in the autistic spectrum. What I am going to show you is that the conventional approach is very likely to be outdated and that it is high time for a major update and revision. Why I do this? The current approach to ADHD and autism have failed mostly; it is not for nothing that the number of children diagnosed is on the rise as we speak. Somehow the majority of professionals dealing with...

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